Kaushal Chokshi Idearamus

Kaushal Chokshi

President at Scaale Group

San Francisco, USA

Serial entrepreneur, investor and business man. Over the last three decades, Kaushal has founded over 20 ventures across the USA, Europe and Asia with 3 successful exits and an IPO in 1987.

Kaushal’s passion to understand the global context has brought him to do over 15 round world trips and to build teams across the globe. In this context, back in 2006, Kaushal sold all his companies to focus on his big project, Scaale Group, a Venture resource group dedicated to implement solutions for startups, SMB’s, Corporations and Governments through innovation, sales, capital and talent.
Headquartered in San Francisco, Scaale Group comprises of 7 companies and a team of 300+ employees spread over 10 countries.

Scaale’s local and global presence provide Kaushal with real time knowledge on trends, opportunities and new ways of doing business across the globe, developing his strong thought leadership on the concepts of City-Estate and global context.

In all these years, Kaushal has navigated in a number of industries, from traditional businesses in manufacture and energy, to Internet and new business models. Back in the year 2000, Kaushal started a number of Internet ventures, launching dozens of webs applications and software as a service solutions.

Kaushal was born and raised in India, where studied Electrical Engineer and Management. After that he moved to UK, Germany and today he lives in USA for the last 20 years. San Francisco is the place to call home, although he travels 2 weeks every month to visit Scaale teams around the world.

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