Lluis Font

Senior Executive y Emprendedor

Barcelona, España

Senior executive who has created successful business for software, internet, and e-commerce companies in the US, EU, China, and Japan. A strategic thinker, whose business acumen and unique ability to capitalize on emerging market trends, has strong leadership and execution skills. Industry leader and team-builder with a strong C-level network spanning around the world. Brand builder and communicator with deep experience using digital marketing, social media and technology to create sales, awareness, & loyalty. Experienced corporate officer with a track record keeping commitments and working well with a culturally diverse board of directors.

Luis Font’s 25-year career in the Information Technology Industry has included general management, consulting and entrepreneurial experience with leading international firms and successful start-up businesses.

Luis had worked for 12 years in Business and IT Consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers, enjoying a fast-paced and challenging environment. He was able to do hands-on consulting work with leading companies around the globe having a major impact on clients’ bottom lines.

In 1999 he joined AGM The Global Company and he became CEO shortly after at the age of 33. While managing the company it became one of Spain’s biggest internet consulting firms moving from 3 million euros to 15 million euros of revenue in the period of one year.

In 2002, he decided to start his entrepreneurial career and became part of the NTRglobal project. Since then, the company has accomplished several outstanding achievements:
– Opening 12 international offices
– Doubling revenues for 4 years in a row
– Becoming the European leader in remote support and one of the top players worldwide

Fluent in several languages including English, French, Spanish and Catalan. Luis also speaks some Italian and has reading capabilities in German. Currently, he is studying Chinese.

Specialties: This ample background gives him several areas of expertise: strategic planning, interpersonal relations in a multicultural environment (including management and individual counselling/training), selling skills, win-win negotiating and interviewing.
Luis is passionate about technology! He is a true early adopter of any new technology which can help companies or individuals to improve their way of living and/or doing business.

Luis also dedicates time to public speaking and high education.

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