Victor Blasco

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My personal expertise as a Law Practitioner has been, to date, focused on three main areas: Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Litigation. It is indeed the additional education in Corporate Finance taken together with my early expertise as a Cross-Border Business Promoter which has helped to build up a deep business-oriented approach towards Law practice. Commitment to business is a key factor for a successful career.

Through the years, I have carried out a sound practice in Corporate Law that mainly embraces procedures such as negotiating/ drafting Shareholders Agreements, Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, and bankruptcy for companies of all sectors.

Intellectual Property is a challenging and intricate world where creativity, innovation and science seek protection and, at the end of the day, an appropriate return. I have accomplished a role in this field that has been basically centred on how to build, protect and commercialize IP Portfolios, Technology Transfer Agreements, all sort of Collaborative Agreements and Copyright deals for the Arts & Entertainment Industry, Software Developers, Biotech companies and research institutes.

Dealing with conflicts in Court Rooms -where conflicts become hot and business cold- has eventually and definitely contributed to my professional evolution.

Lawyering like a businessman

  • Intelectual Property
  • Corporate Law
  • Litigation